Christian Women In Action.... making a difference
Christian Women In Action.... making a difference


CWA meets monthly on the second Saturday of each month for fellowship, ministry of the Word and discussion of topics of concern to women. Financial support for the ministry is received through planting in the ministry by men and women who support the purpose and goals of CWA. CWA is a Holy Spirit empowered ministry and operates under the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit .

Sevenfold Ministries

In late 2000 the Lord began to unfold the fulness of the ministry of CWA resulting in an umbrella for all of the CWA ministries. Through our sevenfold ministries structure, we provide resources to assist in meeting the challenges of daily life through our multi-ministry structure and includes seven areas of ministry, services and programming, each specifically designed to address the multi-faceted needs of women. These include

KOINONIA MINISTRY (Eccl. 4:9-12; 1 John 1:3)
Our area of ministry that focuses on Koinonia, which is defined as true fellowship and relationship. The Koinonia ministry includes
 Our monthly and special focus meetings,
 Building our Family
 Ministry sharing
 Praise and worship ministry

E3 ENRICHMENT MINISTRY– Equipping, Enabling and Empowerment (Prov. 22:20-21)
This is a key area of ministry for us in that these ministries are those that equip, enable and empower women to make a difference. Areas of service include
 Seminars and workshops,
 Annual retreat(s),
 Leadership forums,
 Mentoring programs,
 Intentional discipleship development,
 Bible studies and roundtables.
 Abigail’s Circle – ministry to women in challenged marriages
 S.A.L.T. – singles ministry

This encompasses our Inreach and Outreach ministries. Inreach is where we reach within CWA to minister a word of encouragement
 Birthday and Jewel Ministries.
 Benevolence,
 Dorcas – ministry to widows
 Community Services

TITUS TWO MINISTRY (Tit. 2:3-5, Ruth 1:16-18; Prov. 1:8-9)
Our ministries to pre-teen, teen and young women. The ministry is one of prevention, sharing biblical principles and practical application with our young women. Titus Too ministries include a
 Special meeting for young women.
 Weekend retreat,
 The L.O.V.E. Club (Ladies of Virtue and Excellence)

These are our ministries that include men and women (not necessarily husband and wife.)
 Salute To Men fellowship service
 Men & Women Fellowship meetings
 Marriage ministry
 weekend getaways
 conferences & symposiums

EZRA MINISTRY (Ezra 7:6, 20; Rev. 12:11)
This is the publishing ministry of CWA and encompasses print, electronic and vocal communications.
Quarterly newsletter,
Web site and other print publications.
Media Ministry - CD’s and videos.
Study guides, a prayer journal and cookbook.

HARVESTER MINISTRY (Gen. 8:22; Gal. 6:7, 10)
This ministry supports and under girds the entire ministry of CWA as we believe that the wealth of the wicked has been laid up for the just (Prov. 13:22b). Harvester includes
Covenant Partnership,
Grant and endowment solicitations
Planned giving

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