Christian Women In Action.... making a difference
Christian Women In Action.... making a difference

Celebrating 18 years of God's Grace and Mercy...


Welcome to our home!

Thanks for visiting our Ministry on this blessed day that the Lord has made! We're excited to have you share in our lives.

Christian Women in Action Ministries, Inc. (CWA) grew out of a desire to have godly relationships, expecially women. We believe that everything in life revolves around relationships. Our relationship with God our Father, through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Ghost is the foundational one. When that vertical relationship is in line, the horizontal ones become covenant relationships where we're connected to one another in covenant.

CWA is an equipping ministry and fellowship to women who desire to make a difference in their lives, the lives of their families, friends and all they meet. We've discovered that through this fellowship we can experience healing, deliverance, edification and spiritual release through expressing the love of God to others.

We also believe that now, as well as in 1992 when the Holy Ghost birht this ministry, that God has a special mission for women in these last days. As we have ministered to God's people, especially women, the Lord has opened tremendous opportunities to penetrate areas in need of light, His love and grace. CWA is committed to demonstrating God's love through the giving of ourselves, attitudes and lifestyles!

We invite you to come and explore the ministry of Christian Women in Action. Our prayer is that you will enjoy your time spent with us at this site, and that the Holy Ghost will speak to your heart and you will be blessed!

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a ministry rooted in relationships